Breeding Tank Setup

In a few easy steps, we are going to show you how we set up our tanks.

You don't need extravagant supplies or equipment.

All you need is:

Minimum 10 gallon tank

Sponge Filter

Buffering Substrate

gH Remineralizer Bacteria Product TDS Pen Moss/Plant Last, but not least patience

Below is an attached picture of how the tank starts when we first set it up.

  • Here we have a thin layer of ADA soil clumped up as we did not spread it

  • On top is a bacteria product we use called Dead Shrimp Powder from a Taiwan breeder

  • For a 10 gallon tank, we would use around a table spoon of Dead Shrimp Powder on top of the soil

  • After this is all set in place, fill up the tank with RO water

  • Remineralize the water immediately to 100 tds and turn on your sponge filter

  • Let the tank run for 14 days

  • On day 14, do a 50% water change and refill the tank with RO water and remineralize the tank back to 100 tds

  • After all this, shrimps can be put in

Our tank parameters

TDS 90-110 pH 5.5-6.5 gH 3-4 kH 0

As always, happy shrimpin'.

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